What is a Light Painting Photo Shoot

What is a Light Painting Photo Shoot? Everyone we’ve had give it a try has said it’s a lot of fun.
How we do it, is we get a person to hold a pose for a couple of seconds in a very dark room (or can be outside at dusk/night). Then we use things like LED light sticks to move around the person and make beautiful patterns. Using light sources like LED light sticks is great, because you can change the colours from a solid colour, to rainbow and add effects like flashing etc, lots of combinations. Because the picture is being taken over a couple of seconds, the person doing the “painting” basically won’t show up in the picture. 

Tips for your light painting shoot

  1. Come a couple of appointments before yours, and have a look at what others are doing and how we do it. 
  2. Any colour outfit works well, but have a think about what colours you want the light painting and then work your outfit to go with that. 
  3. If you have a specific colour you want in the lights (ie it’s your dance schools colour), bring in a picture, brochure etc that has the colour on it and we’ll try and match it. 
  4. With poses, try some at home before the event. Most of the photos you need to stay as still as possible for about 2-4 seconds. Your welcome to try leg mounts and other things on one leg, but even the most steady person will show as shaky in the photo doing things like that. 
  5. Above all, have fun. It’s something fun to do and the enjoyment your having will come across in the photos.