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David Johnson

David Johnson

Photographer and tech enthusiast

Welcome to the next phase

A new phase in Photography Garage is starting. I have started a YouTube channel devoted to Photography and Photography Related Tech.

Hi and welcome to the next phase in Photography Garage’s adventure.

I have created a Photography Garage YouTube channel where I will be doing tutorials, reviews and how tos on not just photography, but specifically photography related tech.

For the last 20 years I have been working as an IT professional and have been using and interested in computers for almost 25 years. So where a lot of photographers are great at their art of photography, where some fall down is the tech side of things. With digital photography and post processing of images now the norm, most only scratch the surface of what they can add to their photography with more understanding of tech. Plus there are lots of things that photographers don’t really want to deal with, like backing up their photos, taking control of their website instead using some generic service. These will all be explored and get you more out of the tech you have and funnel your precious dollars into gear/tech that actually helps you, not just what is shiny in the shop and what the salesman wants you to buy.

So strap in, it should be an interesting ride.