Shine On Stage 2022 photos

Photos from the Shine On Stage Eisteddfod for Sunday the 14th and 28th of August will be available in the following days after each session for viewing and purchasing, separated into the sessions from the day. See the links below for your sessions.
The price is $20 per routine and will include the 10-15 photos shown in the gallery for that routine. 

Password for the galleries is : Sunshine#53

Sunday the 14ths morning, lunch and afternoon sessions are now available below. Click on the link, use the above password and find the routine/s you are after. Click on them to view the photos. If you would like to purchase, at the top of each routine is a link which says “purchase whole gallery” . This will add the whole gallery to your cart and $20 to the total. Once you are done, pay for the photos and you will receive a link to download the photos. If by chance you don’t receive a link straight away, please contact me as per below and I’ll organise the photos to get to you. 


The photos from Sunday the 14th will be available until the 19th of September. The photos from Sunday the 28th will be available until the 1st of October. If you wish to order, but can’t make it before that date, just send me a message and we’ll organise it. 

If you have any questions or issues, please contact me via Facebook or email below. or