DEW April 2022 photos

Please Note: There is a random issue affecting some people who purchase photos and it won’t let you download them directly. If this happens to you, could you message me on Facebook, or email me (details below) and I’ll email or put them on a google drive for you ASAP. Apologies in advance¬† or

Thank you to Dance Explosion Wollongong for having me back. I am not taking orders on the day, instead I will be uploading each routine as a separate gallery where you can view/purchase each routine’s photos. I will have flyers in the foyer with all the details and the password for the galleries when they are ready for viewing/purchasing. Otherwise, just come back to this page. The photos will be on the website approximately 2-4 weeks after the eisteddfod. As I finish each day’s photos, I will publish them on the website and a notification will be put on the Photography Garage Facebook page as well as the DEW page.

The password to access the photos is : DXwollongong#22

Photos can be purchased online for $20 per routine, and will include all edited photos taken during that routine (approx 10-15 photos per routine)

To help find your photos quicker, I will sort them into day (Mon, Tues etc) Then you can find each routine in its own gallery, just look/search for the Competitor number and name. Once you find the link, click into it and you can view the photos from that routine. If you would like to purchase those photos, when your in the gallery, click on the cart with “purchase whole gallery” and it will add all of that routine’s photos to your cart and add $20 to your cart total. If you are after more than one routine, please go back to the day/session and then look/search for the competitor number and name and repeat the process.

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact me on Facebook and messenger at or via email at

Photography Garage