DDC Powder Shoot 2021

On Saturday 4th of December 2021, after the Studio Dress Rehearsal, DDC Dance Studios will be holding their inaugural Powder Photo Shoot. These are fun events and you can get some stunning photos of your dancers. 

You can prepay for the event below. Prepay is discounted to $35 per person (includes 1 photo) and additional photos can be purchased for $25 each. If you pay on the day, it’s $40 (and additional photos are still $25). Cards are accepted on the day. If you want to prepay, but don’t want to pay online, you need to pay cash or any other issues, please email me, David at info@photographygarage.com.au and we can organise it.

Prepay Here:


Add the photo to the shopping cart, change the number to how many people you want to do the shoot, then pay with paypal or credit card (again, message me if you have any questions/issues)

Tips and tricks for the Powder Shoot

To get the best photos out of the powder shoot, we have some suggestions

1.Wear a strong colour. The final image is mainly black with the white flour highlighted. Colours work best, how bright is up to you. Black, gold, skin colour etc can still be ok, but the image will be less striking. 
3. Make sure you grab a decent amount of flour in your hands, hair etc.
. We will taking multiple photos, so don’t feel like you have to nail it first go. Try a few times to get it right and try different styles. Click here to see some photos to inspire you from my gallery, or download this pdf which has some more examples

So what is a Powder Shoot?

So what is a Powder Shoot? Well we put up a black background, give the person in the photo handfuls of flour and they strike a pose that moves their hands mainly so the flour can stream out and create great effects. 

What to expect?
When you come to the powder shoot, we will go through a few poses to get a few good ones. Then you can choose which one you want to keep, or choose that one and extra photos. 

NOTE: You will be choosing from the RAW photos, so think more about how the person looks, how the powder flow is, eyes open/closed etc. The photos take a lot of editing, so they will look a bit different once completed. For example, here is a before and after shot from a previous powder shoot i did.